• Posted on: 23 February 2015
  • By: 0rpvpz_admin

Well-known brands, including the popular fashion designers, are a common thing to companies that produce fakes. Therefore, if you have your eyes on a beautiful handbag or a shirt from a known brand, then before you buy, make sure they are genuine. How can you do this?

If you order online, in this case, choose only known stores that have a positive feedback and a lot of satisfied customers. Then you have the confidence that their goods are authentic. But avoid stores that offer very attractive, much lower prices. Usually, this kind of stores sell only certain brands, which are most often counterfeited. They also offer shipping from China or you have to wait for the delivery for a few weeks. You can also get to know them by the fact that their websites are not attractive looking.

When you purchase in a normal shop, see details - stitching, zips, tags, quality of the material. If in doubt, do not pay, so as not to buy counterfeit merchandise that does not meet your expectations.

Also many online pages can help you in recognition of fakes - you

Do you like designer clothes and accessories? Beware of fakes!